BlockCentral is a DeFi Fund made up of on-chain digital assets, with a deflationary utility token as its medium of exchange. With a strict focus on execution, BlockCentral is an ecosystem on a mission to enhance deflationary protocols, attract a new audience to the DeFi space, and improve the baseline knowledge for all users. Led by a professional and experienced team, BlockCentral will be a Smart Network for Smart Users.

DeFi needs trusted projects with long-term potential and business-first entrepreneurship. BlockCentral will be the home of automated passive income, with a decentralized application (dApp) that features a customizable user experience. BlockCentral will introduce new enhancements to familiar systems that will attract veteran and beginner crypto users.

The crypto space can no longer be a race to the bottom; a sprint to see how quickly users can get in and out of a project before it ultimately collapses. This antiquated zero-sum game is an abject failure. The industry can't keep operating off of this binary mindset. Projects and market sectors can work together, create synergy, and push forward for everyone's collective benefit.

BlockCentral is the next generation of deflationary protocols, delivering these opportunities to a new audience on the Polygon network. With optimized features and proven success, BlockCentral will work to add value in a market sector worth more than $100 billion.

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