Principal Resonance

The guiding philosophy for BlockCentral, which will live as a through line of the entire ecosystem, is Principal Resonance. ‘Resonance' is the condition in which an input produces the largest possible response to a signal. In economics, resonance is when all the sectors of a specific economy start to have similar timing and a resulting amplification effect.

Principal Resonance will be the heartbeat of the protocol. Any decision BlockCentral makes, the timing and principal utilized, will have maximum impact on the ecosystem. In practice, BlockCentral will use the Treasury to efficiently leverage the capital within to enhance returns and yields that will directly impact the health and longevity of the network. This effectively allows Stasis to 'punch above our weight.'

Keeping a keen eye on the macro circumstances impacting the overall market, BlockCentral will utilize this philosophy to create a rhythmic, synergistic relationship between all assets within the network. In equal measure, this philosophy will also apply to partnerships and external earning potential. This synchronization will create continuous growth for the Treasury and prosperous dividends for all users.

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