Financial Reporting

BlockCentral users and shareholders are vital to the ecosystem. The team will display that importance by frequently reporting publicly on the health of the BlockCentral Treasury, as well as any revenue or losses that have accrued. This will be accomplished in two ways:

Weekly AMA

The BlockCentral core team will conduct weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to give a brief overview of the state of the BlockCentral Treasury, estimated revenues, if/when revenue is reinvested, used to buy back tokens, protocol development, etc. We will often conduct giveaways on these weekly calls to encourage community attendance. This level of frequent, direct engagement with the community is vital for the team's connection to the users.

Weekly AMAs will be superseded at the beginning of each month due to:

Monthly Treasury Report

At the beginning of each month, the BlockCentral core team will provide the community with a Treasury Report and AMA to discuss/answer any questions the community may have about the state of the Treasury, its diversified portfolio, upcoming development, or any additional revenue stream ideas. The Treasury Report will be a professionally designed and detailed document that will dive deeply into the hard numbers of the protocol's overall performance.

While BlockCentral is not a DAO, the BlockCentral team values the opinions and conceptions of the community and will always consider them when conducting business as a representative of the BlockCentral. These consistent, in-depth meetings with the community will provide both the team and users an opportunity to connect, share ideas, and grow collectively.

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