Single Staking BLOC

Deposit your BLOC tokens into the Single Staking pool on the dApp to earn rewards.

There will be 3% Stake & Unstake Fees. The Stake/Unstake Fees will be sent to the tax receiver address for protocol rewards. There is no lock-up period and no timers, resulting in an early withdrawal penalty.

Staking Fees and Buy & Sell Taxes contribute to the Staking rewards. Single Staking has no risk of impermanent loss while offering a sustainable APY to users. Staking fees will promote a higher APY as well as more traffic in and out of the pool, fueling rewards for all Stakers.

In increments of 10%, Stakers will be able to customize & automate their rewards:

  • Compound

  • Accumulate

  • Take Profit (in wETH)

Example: 50% Compound, 40% Accumulate, 10% Take Profit.

Stakers may choose to 'accumulate' tokens to take profit later or pair with wETH to place into the yield farm. Stakers who elect to compound rewards, those deposits will experience the 3% Staking Fee. Take Profit is paid in wETH.

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