Liquid Feature

Illiquid NFTs are no longer desirable. A vast majority of them die out, and holders lose interest. Due to their illiquid design, many holders feel like hostages. That changes with BlockCentral.

Holders of the BlockCentral NFT Collection can continue to hold and earn weekly lifetime rewards, or they will be able to cash out their NFT with a redemption tax at any time. An NFT holder can redeem it for a 20% Redemption Tax (paid in BLOC) if they need immediate access to capital.

From a technical standpoint, a redemption event will equal 1/840th of the tokens in the NFT contract. Mathematically, this represents the 20% redemption tax. The tax collected will remain in the NFT contract and be redistributed to remaining NFT holders.

Secondary Market: Holders can sell their NFTs on a secondary market, with a 5% Royalty Fee paid by the seller. This royalty fee will be sent to the Treasury.

BlockCentral encourages holders to make the most lucrative decision for their own personal strategy as the NFTs grow and potentially maintain a value significantly higher than the mint price. However, the BlockCentral team understands some holders might need fast funds and desire to provide a convenient off-ramp via the redemption option for holders who wish to use it.

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